Head Spa

Embark on a sensorial journey like no other with our Resoul Head Spa. Feel the cascading water embrace you, as soothing steam surrounds, preparing you for a revitalizing scalp massage and exfoliation. We go beyond, taking care of your hair with a rejuvenating shampoo and conditioning treatment. Immerse yourself in a holistic experience where each element is thoughtfully crafted to provide a unique and unparalleled head spa. Discover the difference of Resoul.

60 Minute Resoul Head Spa: $125

Head Spa Enhancements:
Plant Peel: $25
LED Light Therapy: $26
Lip Renewal Treatment: $26
Ayurvedic Eye Zone Treatment: $26
Dermaplaning: $26
Chakra Balancing: $26

*See Facial Service menu for full descriptions

I almost hate to say how good it was because then, too many people will start going there and I won't be able to get in!. - Kevin P.