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– 6 resting beds available
– Group reservations available upon request


Experience includes Dry Salt Treatment only

  • Individual Session: $45
  • Add On to Existing Service: $30
  • Buy 6 Sessions: $180 (use within 90 days)
  • Private Room Rental:  $200 (25% savings)
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $100
    -Minimum of 3 months
    -Automatic monthly payments
    -Bring in a friend to experience a standard session at half off once a month


Experience includes Ayurvedic Foot Soak, Aromatherapy & Dry Salt Treatment

  • Individual Session: $60
  • Add On to Existing Service: $35
  • Buy 6 Sessions: $240 (use within 90 days)
  • Private Room Rental: $270 (25% savings)
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $135
    -Minimum of 3 months
    -Automatic monthly payments
    -Bring in a friend to experience a custom session at half off once a month



Treat your skin to LED therapy while you rest. Includes skin cleanse, tone and treat with a technician before transitioning in to your Halotherapy session.


Halotherapy, taken from the Greek halos meaning “salt,” (dry salt therapy) is a holistic treatment that mimics salt cave. Halotherapy helps to cleanse and detox the lungs as well as invigorate the entire body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake. Dry aerosol salt is heated, grinded up to micro-sized particles in a Halogenerator and then dispersed into the salt room for inhalation. Since dry salt is antibacterial and super absorbent, it actively kills bacteria and reduces the inflammation in the respiratory system and widens the airways to aid respiratory concerns. We use 100% Himalayan Salt on our walls and 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Salt (sodium chloride) in our Halogenerators.

Halotherapy is a safe and natural treatment and prevention for respiratory conditions in children as young as one month.  Most clients who use Halotherapy on a regular basis feel relief from a variety of respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, common cold, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and more. Halotherapy is also great for people who also have particular skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. However, one does not need to have a “specific condition” to use Halotherapy as it is beneficial to your entire general overall well-being.

Halotherapy can aid in the following:

  • Reducing stress
  • Enhancing athletic performance and endurance
  • Improving lung function and cleansing the respiratory system
  • Rejuvenating skin
  • Boosting immune system function

Additional Halotherapy Benefits:

Acne, Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Ent, Cold/Flu, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Depression, Dermatitis, Ear Infections, Eczema, Emphysema, Fatigue, Hay Fever, Insomnia, Mental Health, Migraines, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis, Rhinitis, Rosecea, Sinus Infections, Smokers Cough, Snoring, Stress/Fatigue, Wheezing, etc.

Halotherapy can be incorporated into a regular wellness routine or used to address health concerns as they arise. The best results are achieved when halotherapy is practiced consistently since benefits can be cumulative.

For those looking to add it to their wellness regimen, weekly sessions are sufficient.

Individuals with chronic respiratory or skin conditions may benefit from using salt therapy between 3-4 times weekly. The increased weekly sessions may also be advantageous to athletes, singers, and performers.

Contraindications: Halotherapy is recognized as a safe and effective wellness practice for preventive and restorative health care. It is not a medical treatment and does not offer a cure! Halotherapy is not recommended for people with contagious diseases, fever, open wounds, lung cancer, severe hypertension, mental disorders and active tuberculosis. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using Halotherapy.

Anyone with serious health concerns needs to seek proper medical advice and care.

Not usually. Most clients feel very relaxed after their session. Halotherapy is not associated with harmful side effects but may result in a runny nose, drainage of sinuses (before/after session) or increased coughing as mucus and toxins are removed from the lungs and airways. Individuals with hypersensitive skin may experience superficial skin irritation.



Our Soul Therapy room is located right in the Heart of Resoul with a illuminated Himalayan Salt tiled wall and each resting bed coordinated with a Chakra ambiance. Allow yourself to truly Reset and Resoul – find balance and harmony within yourself as you rest.

All sessions are 45 minutes long and start on the hour, every hour. We do not allow anyone to enter after the sessions have started, so that we do not disturb others that are in the salt room.


Once your Halotherapy session starts, a Resoul team member will provide you with a pager that will notify you when your session is complete. Disposable socks must be worn and are provided, however, you are welcome to bring your own pair. As you lay down, elevate and put your feet up! Throw on a blanket and cozy up with a weighted warm neck pillow for extra comfort. Jade eye masks are available to cover the eyes as you rest and listen to the overhead music and/or guided meditation. You’re welcome to read a book or simply just close your eyes during your session. Practice deep breathing, inhaling through your nose, to get the full benefit of the dry salt aerosol.

As you relax, particles dispersed by the halotherapy machine are inhaled and penetrate deeply into the respiratory system. These micron-sized particles are released at precise concentration levels to support overall wellness. Any particles not inhaled are absorbed by any exposed dermis to improve skin health.


After your session, finishing touches are provided to complete your Resoul experience. Soothe your hands with Aveda’s Hand Relief, freshen up your skin with Aveda’s Facial Toning Mist and hydrate your skin with Spa Ritual Hydrating Body Mist. Reset and finish with a Chakra Balancing Purefume Mist or open up your senses with Aveda’s Cooling Concentrate.